My experience in Verona was a lovely one. Part of a longer trip with two friends. We arrived on the coat-tails of Milan and the peace was wonderful. A much smaller city (at least, that’s how it felt) with a beautiful sun-lit garden near the arena in the centre. We had a stunning room (a small B & B on one floor with three single beds in our chandelier lit room), a wonderful pizza place and cocktails I could afford.

Verona I find harder, than other cities, to pinpoint exactly the sights we saw. I know we went to see Juliet, and left our names on the wall via a written-on old ticket, and visited a couple of the arenas, where I slept on the warm stone steps much to the other’s amusement, but apart from that I just remember wandering. And finding things. In celebration of fashion week a catwalk appeared, and we came across the loud music on an evening stroll. We peered over heads for the clothes, danced to the music, and moved on. Another night we came across a beautiful building. Small, a little out of the centre, but with designs like those of the larger cathedrals. We sat and stared a while.

Verona Sketch

The main street in Verona is covered in expensive bars, and we walked past the groups sat outside with envious stares. A cool cocktail on a warm night in Tuscany felt like it would be the perfect holiday moment, and we were right. A few side streets later we came across a yellow-table clothed bar / café that did cocktails we could fork out for. The waiters were friendly, and I still have the rose (pressed between pages of a sketchbook) they gave to us. It was such a lovely spot that we returned after the pizza, which was at a restaurant recommended to us by the lady at the B & B and was lovely also. The cocktail place was also absent of a service charge and, having been hit hard by a place the day before in Milan, this was a relief.

Verona felt soothing, friendly and calming. On arriving, finding our way to the centre was tricky. We got lost. Well, we got lost in every new city. On this particular occasion we found a bus to the centre from the station, but caught it in the wrong direction. A very helpful man at a tobacconist managed to get across to us that we needed a bus heading the opposite way, and helped tell the bus driver also. Again, my poor Italian was unhelpful. We did our best. The B & B itself turned out to have the smallest of signs down an even smaller side street, and was challenging to find even once we had located the centre. However, it really was a stunning – and tiny – place.

The room had a dining table and chairs in one corner by the window, which came in very helpful. Having not loads of money, we did not eat out every night. Instead some evenings (and lunchtimes) we grabbed food (and peronis) from a supermarket. In most cases baguettes, delicious pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes. The food was great, refreshing and tasty. One thing I would recommend would be bringing a corkscrew. So many delicious, and cheap, wines were off-limit to us due to our lack of equipment. I still haven’t seen the wine and shoe method work however, if you really are stuck, I’ve heard that it does.


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