Monte San Savino

Another town-based article, my experience in Monte San Savino which was one of my most stunning holidays. I use the word stunning because as I sit here watching the indecisive rain (a good summer storm, that will liven up today. Not this dribble) and think back my first flash of memory is the view from the back garden. We stayed in a villa, which turned out to easily be within our price range. After splitting the price ten ways, and staying somewhere fairly out of the way in off-peak season, it came to not much more than a cheap hostel per night. However far, far nicer. This back garden had a swimming pool from which you could still see the view, the drop from the edge of the hill we were staying on to look out across Italian hills. I can feel the relaxation just thinking about it.

The villa itself was lovely, definitely crowded but we were all very comfortable. The owner lived next door and was wonderful, she had the most adorable pet dog and drove us twice over the week to the supermarket for supplies as we had not hired a car. She also helped pick us up and arrange a good price for a taxi (both to and from the airport and for our single day trip – we liked the place too much to leave for more than one day). If it has not changed hands I (as terrified as I am to recommend –  I could never be a reviewer) would suggest taking a look at this place. Obviously take into account current reviews and such. Villa Torricella was lovely when we stayed. It appears on a few sites if you have a favourite holiday rental site (including, I checked, Air B&B).

At the villa we cooked and ate together in the kitchen, relaxed on loungers with books, jumped in the cold water and all together had an incredibly relaxing holiday under the warm (but not uncomfortable) September sun. The pool even came complete with a few inflatables (one of which was a crocodile) for us, with much maturity and grace, to fall off of.

Monte San Savino Sketch

Not having a car was a worry. We were uphill from the tiny town (again thinking of the stunning view) about a mile away with little in the way of footpaths. Though we mostly relaxed at the villa, having stocked up (with help) on supplies, the walk into the town turned out, luckily, to be quite do-able. We did have to keep an eye on the cars, but it was mostly quiet. The town itself is very lovely and very sweet. A friend and I walked in early on the first day and, normal tea-drinker that she is, even she had to admit the coffee was gorgeous. The quiet town was definitely the place to try out my stammering of Italian, and as usual was met with friendliness and patience. There was also a great little pizza place which we ended up going to twice. We got little snacks and a sparkling wine, all for only a euro service charge each. The pizza was delicious and a good price.

If you’re after a relaxing holiday in Italy I would definitely recommend Monte San Savino. It was fun to explore, while also a calming place to be (and this not just because of the pool). There was plenty more to see than we did, the owner of the villa mentioned a few places and I’m still sorry we missed them. We did make it to Florence for our day trip which is easy to get to by train. Obviously with a car you’d have far more freedom to explore, but despite this I enjoyed our pedestrian stay and would do as such again.


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