Best Food Times in Italy

I’m sure I should have a catchier title than this, but it sums it up well enough. Best food times! Here we go. I’m far too hungry for more preamble.

Pizza! Straight away, the giant slice of pizza I got in Siena (which I have mentioned before) with a lovely cool bottle of coke for only three euros. This pizza was thin, gorgeously tomatoey and cheesy and wonderful to take to the piazza and eat. I loved it so much I managed to find that tiny place again. They have pictures of customers all over the walls which I love, and you can see them taking absolutely gigantic pizzas out of the ovens (mental note, one day see if you can get a whole pizza in a massive pizza box).

Pizza again, Naples. Of course pizza in Naples would be wonderful. There was a pizza place right across from our hostel and it was fantastic. Filled with people, friendly staff (I think they took our photo – maybe I shall see if I can find it) and of course delicious pizza. I had pizza with artichokes both nights, I’m usually a cheese and tomato purest, but I was feeling slight vegetables withdrawals the first night and it was so delicious I got it again our second visit there. The pizza was amazing both times, despite being absolutely heaving the second time we went (being rush hour, we were late back having gotten lost during the day). We managed to nab a table for two by luck (and desperate hunger) and while there was a wait, the pizza was still just as amazing. The other great thing about this place, other than being right across from our room, was that it seemed to be right in the hub.

Food Sketch

Pizza thrice, Milan. There are two Milan pizzas, the first being our first night there so it had the added bonus of travel exhaustion with first night excitement to add extra deliciousness. It was a takeaway place, but we sat in and shared the first of three pizzas (the rest was breakfast, we were well equipped to deal with a fairly sparse hostel) and they were lovely and chatty there. I ended up getting a photo of me behind the counter. All these photos. If the suspicion about souls and cameras is true I am paying a high price for these pizzas. The second pizza I am reticent to admit was delicious, but it completely was. The tomato sauce on the pizza was incredible. However given that my companions were not as hungry as me they had coffee while I ‘shared’ pizza, which was not the big order the owner was expecting. As it neared lunch in this pretty restaurant in Milan the owner got more and more tense, the glares did not impede my enjoyment but the excessive nine euro service charge at the end did a bit.

Ragu! I’ve talked about this before, but I will do so again. It takes us back to Naples, but it was delicious. We followed the advice of a friendly person handing out pamphlets, we had little else to do that evening other than try and find Tandem, and got there as this little restaurant was opening. We had a lovely seat outside on a quiet street. Well, quieter than most. They do amazing Ragu (either meat or vegetarian) with bread or pasta varieties. I had it with bread and it was gorgeous.

Supermarkets. I mean it, it was great. We couldn’t afford restaurants every day so we would go to the supermarket and get a baguette, some mozzarella, some tomatoes, some pesto and some beer or wine and we were set to go.

When I au paired in Italy the family I stayed with had excellent food, their Mum was a fantastic cook. I only wished I could have had bigger portions! Finally, the ice cream. I can’t narrow down a place, everywhere was delicious. I should probably go back and put these in some sort of order, but I quite like their hurried appearance as my lovely food memories fought to get onto the page. They were all far too good to try and order anyway.


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