Procida is a tiny island off Naples, and is very easy to get the ferry to. It’s a stunning island, though we only went for a day trip so I can’t say how staying there would be. My first impression was a worry it might be too tourist centered (with just restaurants and hotels) however walking a street away from the port banished this fear. We got a tad turned around, as per usual, and an incredibly kind woman stopped to help us. She was concerned to let us keep walking until she was certain we were heading off in the right direction, difficult with my very poor Italian (I think it’s the first time I had to resort to using my phone to translate).

Being so close to Naples you can have the rush of the city close by, with the peace of the island to relax. Or vice versa, as we did. Procida definitely felt like an island that was lived in, not just a holiday destination, and was all the more gorgeous for it. The buildings were all gorgeously colourful, pastel coloured against the deep blue of the sea.

It is not a hard journey from Naples. We were able to find the port walking from the other side of town (with maps, directions from the hostel and the little blue Google dot following our progress). The ferry times and platform numbers are clearly marked, and there are people around to help make sure you have the right information. We bought return tickets at the office and were able to look at the timetable to check which platform to go from (and also double-checked this). Your tickets are also checked as you go on board, so it’s unlikely you’ll get on the wrong ferry. Procida was the closest and so first stop.

The beach, of course the beach, our reason for seeking out this island, was lovely. Unfortunately we didn’t get to the further side of the island where the most beautiful beaches are. Given the limited time before our ferry back we wanted to maximise our beach time, however the beach we went to was still lovely. It was incredibly relaxing to swim, or more accurately float, and look out across the sea. Relishing water that was not ice cold.

This is a wonderful and relaxing place to stay, quiet and not too touristy. Pretty houses and lovely beaches. Definitely a place to walk all over if I ever get to visit again. 


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  1. afarawayhome says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely day! When I went to Naples I didn’t make it to any of the islands, which I really regret. I hear Ischia is incredible too 🙂

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